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Money Manifestation Course
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money + mental health

Calling all therapists, counsellors, coaches & wellness professionals!  


Year after year we see finance-related mental health issues increasing.  


The 2023 Financial Stress Index revealed that 40% of Canadians say money is their biggest concern, outranking our personal health, our jobs and our relationships. 


1 in 3 say financial stress is leading to anxiety, depression, or other mental health issues.

In addition, 48% of respondents reported losing sleep due to financial stress.

Looking at this data, we can see that the healing potential of money work is both wide-reaching and profound.

There's a painful intersection of trauma and money in our culture, the impacts of which are rocketing us towards global crisis. 


Healing this relationship is our most urgent calling.

financial avoidance

But here's the catch...  research shows us that financial avoidance is more common among mental health⁠ professionals than those in any other field.

We are statistically more likely to exhibit money avoidant beliefs like:
· “Good people shouldn't care about money.” ⁠

· “It's not okay to have more than you need.”⁠
· “Money corrupts people.” ⁠


And with that, we are significantly less likely to report good financial health - such as routinely paying off credit cards, having an emergency fund, sticking to a budget, or feeling confident in our financial knowledge and preparedness.

Considering the undeniable link between money and our mental health, it's imperative that we address these financial stressors within ourselves and with our clients.  By opening up conversations around money, we create space for healing and growth.

We can only meet others as deeply as we've met ourselves.⁠

charting a new course

Traditional financial literature assumes that people are rational when it comes to money.  As a result, we may believe that a logical money manager is responsible for our financial outcomes.  It turns out though that most of our money strategies are driven by emotion. 


There's a lot of research to support that our beliefs about money are well established by the age of 7; meaning most of our money parts are children, doing their best to make sense of a very difficult and abstract concept.

These inner children holding our various personal and cultural money scripts deserve our compassionate presence. 


Enter Money Mapping...

We've integrated principles from financial psychology with Internal Family Systems therapy to bring you a compassionate and transformative money-healing journey.

Are you ready to meet your money parts?

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the course

Money Mapping is a deep-dive into the experiences and traumas that inform our relationships with money.


Combining group workshops and individual therapy, this 8-week course provides the framework to heal scarcity narratives, redefine your relationship with money and move towards financial wellness.

In Money Mapping we use a therapeutic model called Internal Family Systems to understand how we relate to money, and how we can shift our relationship to money.

Are you carrying shame around your finances?

It's time to address your money trauma so you can release limiting beliefs and redefine wealth.

the particulars

This 8-week course includes:

  • 5 group workshops, Mondays 3-6pm PST;

  • 2 personal therapy sessions;

  • 2 personal coaching sessions;

  • Our 120 page workbook;

  • Online access to video recordings and resources.


Group sessions take place biweekly , and 1-on-1 therapy and coaching appointments are booked on an individual basis.

The Particulars

angie & robyn

We believe that transformation is a 2 step process: inner healing followed by meaningful action.  


Robyn works as a psychotherapist, applying her MA in Spirituality and Counselling to help clients navigate their healing journey.  Angela is a Certified Executive Coach and Trauma of Money Facilitator who supports entrepreneurial women in bringing vision into reality. 


Together we combine an introspective, compassionate approach to healing + self development, imparting the tools necessary to see inner transformation enacted in the outer world.  

Your Facilitators
“This course far surpassed my high expectations. There has been a profound impact that I don't think is fully realized at this point."
Course Map

Course Map: Winter 2024

Jan. 22nd, 3-6pm PT - Group Session 1: Money + Parts

We review the course framework, our group pledge and shared practices. After orientation we dive into Financial Psychology + Money Parts.

- Private Therapy Session with Robyn -

Feb. 05th, 3-6pm PT - Group Session 2: Money + Trauma

We learn the impact of psychological distress on our finances; we explore the individual and collective traumas that shape our relationship with money.

- Private Therapy Session with Robyn -

Feb. 19th, 3-6pm PT - Group Session 3: Cycles of Scarcity

We look at the psychological impacts of scarcity and the various internal, external and systemic barriers that influence financial disorders in our culture.

- Private Coaching Session with Angie -

March 04th, 3-6pm PT - Group Session 4: Legacy Burdens

We reflect on the implicit cultural narratives of consumerist capitalism; we discuss the importance of integrating the richness of the human experience into our visions of wealth -- how are we rich in sadness, suffering and loss?

- Private Coaching Session with Angie -

March 18th, 3-6pm PT - Group Session 5: Lost & Crowned

Our closing ceremony. We explore and integrate the learning journey we've embarked on together. We also review your Financial Excel Plans.

*On alternating weeks participants engage in private 1-1 therapy and coaching sessions.  These are booked on an individual basis.

**This is meant to be an outline only, the class schedule is subject to change. Class recordings are posted in the learning portal  24 hrs after class for those who can't attend live.


Session One: Monday, April 15th, 2024 - 3pm-6pm PDT (6pm-9pm EST)

*Followed by private therapy session with Robyn*

Session Two: Monday, April 29th, 2024 - 3pm-6pm PDT (6pm-9pm EST)

*Followed by private therapy session with Robyn*

Session Three: Monday, May 13th, 2024 - 3pm-6pm PDT (6pm-9pm EST)

*Followed by private coaching session with Angie*

Session Four: Monday, May 27th, 2024 - 3pm-6pm PDT (6pm-9pm EST)

*Followed by private coaching session with Angie*

Session Five: Monday, June 10th, 2024 - 3pm-6pm PDT (6pm-9pm EST)


a new approach

There are layers of personal and collective trauma that impact our financial beliefs and behaviours.  Because of these wounds, money has become a critical trailhead in our lives.


We're being called to follow the trail, 

to boldly and bravely stay the course.


The purpose of our course is thus to facilitate the creation of your unique "Money Parts Map," a fundamental tool on your journey forward.  Each group coaching session has been designed to gently invite forth your money parts so that we can meet them, map them, and then unburden them in your individual therapy.    

Together we can design a more prosperous future.


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