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Money Manifestation Course
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money trauma

Do you feel like you're "bad" with money?

Do you avoid looking at your finances?

Do you knowingly overspend?

Do you chronically undercharge?

Does you feel uneasy in a bank?

Do you think money solves all problems?

Are you accumulating debt?

Do you find yourself teetering between the feeling that money is evil but also, that you’re not worthy of money?

you're not alone

The 2022 Financial Stress Index revealed that 38% of Canadians say money is their biggest concern, outranking personal health (21%), work (19%) and relationships (18%). The survey also found that 1 in 3 Canadians say financial stress is leading to anxiety, depression, or mental health issues.


In addition...2022 Statistics Canada data revealed that Canadians owe $1.86 for every dollar of disposable income we earn.


So what's happening here? Is this really a financial literacy issue? Is access to information the root of the problem?


We say no.

money is emotional

But you already knew that.


Most common disordered financial behaviours are a response to trauma.



Whether it be individual, generational, societal or systemic, trauma informs our beliefs about ourselves and about money.


Without overcoming our trauma and releasing these beliefs, budgeting tips and financial strategies will only take us so far.



Enter money mapping...

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The Course

Money Mapping is a deep-dive into the experiences and traumas that inform our relationships with money.


Combining group workshops and individual therapy, this 12-week course provides the framework to heal scarcity narratives, redefine your relationship with money and move towards financial wellness.

In Money Mapping we use a therapeutic model called Internal Family Systems to understand how we relate to money, and how we can shift our relationship to money.

Are you carrying shame around your finances?

It's time to address your money trauma so you can release limiting beliefs and redefine wealth.

The Particulars

This 12-week course includes:

  • 7 group workshops, Mondays 3-6pm PST;

  • 3 personal therapy sessions;

  • 2 personal coaching sessions;

  • A self-study handbook;

  • Online access to video recordings and resources.


Group sessions will take place biweekly , and 1-on-1 therapy and coaching appointments will be booked on an individual basis.

The Particulars

Angie + Robyn

We believe that transformation is a 2 step process: inner healing followed by meaningful action.  


Robyn works as a psychotherapist, applying her MA in Spirituality and Counselling to help clients navigate their healing journey.  Angela is a Certified Executive Coach and Trauma of Money Facilitator who supports entrepreneurial women in bringing vision into reality. 


Together we combine an introspective, compassionate approach to healing + self development, imparting the tools necessary to see inner transformation enacted in the outer world.  

Your Facilitators


Fall/Winter 2023

Sept. 22, 3-6pm PT - Session 1: Orientation

Group workshop to review course framework, group pledge and shared practices.  After housekeeping we dive into financial psychology + money parts.

Sept. 25, 3-6pm PT - Session 2: Money + Trauma

Group workshop covering the impact of psychological distress on our finances; exploring the individual and collective traumas that shape our relationship with money.

Oct. 9, 3-6pm PT - Session 3: Values + Vision

Group workshop exploring the distinction between money and wealth, distilling personal core values, creating a financial vision and a financial purpose statement.


Oct. 23, 3-6pm PT - Session 4: Blocks + Limitations

Group workshop reflecting on the various internal, external and systemic barriers that influence financial disorders and shape our relationships with money.

Nov. 6, 3-6pm PT - Session 5: The Buffet of Resonance

Group workshop reflecting on financial behaviours through the lens of congruence or incongruence; exploring the idea of resonance and intrinsic motivation; and designing a list of preferred practices, habits and behaviours that instil an enjoyment of life's luxuries, and create a daily resonance towards our financial visions.

Nov. 20, 3-6pm PT - Session 6: Releasing Burdens & Beliefs 

Group workshop reviewing and sharing the parts of ourselves mapped throughout the course; exploring shifts in our money stories & beliefs.

Dec. 4, 3-6pm PT - Session 7: Lost + Crowned

Closing ceremony; a celebration of the work so far! Reflecting on your journey and setting intentions for the months & years ahead. 

*On alternating weeks participants will engage in 1-1 therapy and coaching sessions.  These will be booked on an individual basis.

Course Map
“This course far surpassed my high expectations. There has been a profound impact that I don't think is fully realized at this point."

The Next Step

Are you tired of feeling like you're bad with money? 

Are you done carrying shame around your finances? 

Are ready to heal your relationship with money? 


Enroll in Money Mapping today to overcome past traumas, release historical money scripts and cultivate financial wellbeing. 

You deserve it. 

You are worthy of it. 

It can be easy.  

It can be yours.

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