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You can claim your 1-1 therapy sessions under your insurance benefits and save $340 on tuition!

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You may choose to pay the full tuition of $1,979 CAD upfront, or you can choose a monthly payment plan. This amount covers your 5 group workshops, 2 private therapy sessions, 2 private coaching sessions, the complete Money Mapping handbook and online access to video recordings and resources. 

$1,797 CAD upfront

early bird pricing (GST included)

$1,979 CAD upfront

one time payment (GST included)

$696 CAD/month

for 3 months (GST included)


If these pricing options are not available to you, please contact us directly.  In service of equity and accessibility, we've reserved 2 partial scholarship seats at 50% off the full tuition (making the price $989.50 CAD).  These spots are being held for folks who are on a journey of healing from economic marginalization.  Since there are only 2 partial scholarships available in each cohort, we ask that you please consider your proximity to privilege when applying.   


You can apply for a scholarship here, or learn more by sending us an email


We have a third pricing option available if you are already working with an IFS Therapist & you would like to participant in the workshops & coaching sessions exclusively. This option is only available if you already work with an IFS Therapist, as the content discussed in group workshops will require 1-on-1 processing. Please reach out to for further details. 


*Receipts may be requested for claiming individual therapy sessions under insurance benefits. Sessions can be claimed under "Registered Psychotherapist”, or “Certified Canadian Counselor.” Please confirm coverage with your insurance benefits provider. Individual therapy session receipts are issued at $170 for 2 therapy sessions; $340 total). 


While we hope that everyone enjoys the course and structure, we understand that it may not be the right time or right fit for everyone. We honour refund requests that are submitted before the 2nd group workshop.  Requests made after the 2nd workshop may not be eligible for a refund.

"Money Mapping was a process of learning about and meeting my money parts, and then welcoming them home.  The whole course was a money and life audit; a vital audit that many people never get the chance to complete."
Broken Trunk
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