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In-Person Workshop

Financial Shame & the Psychology of Scarcity

🔸 Are you struggling with feelings of shame around your finances? 
Do you feel like you can never quite get ahead?

🔸 Do you ever feel like you're just "bad" at money?

🔸 Are you curious about the cognitive impacts of scarcity?

🔸 Do you or someone you love struggle with destructive financial behaviours (overspending, workaholism, hoarding, financial enabling/codependence, gambling, unmanageable credit card debt, hyper vigilance, etc)? 

Join us for this interactive, in-person Financial Wellness workshop at Cinderbloc Studio in Esquimalt. Through a trauma-informed approach we’ll explore the subconscious beliefs that make up our money scripts, and the various psychological impacts of scarcity.


Learn how our cultural narratives of consumerism and scarcity reduce our mental bandwidth and distort our decision-making in ways that dig us deeper into cycles of financial distress.

📅 Date: June 12th

⏰ Time: 5:30 - 7:30pm

📍 Location: Cinderbloc Studio

💲 Investment: 23 CAD


🔑 Key Topics we'll cover:

✅ Identifying and transforming patterns of financial shame;

✅ The role that cultural narratives play in our financial wellness;

✅ Practical strategies to enhance your financial well-being;

✅ How to uncover hidden beliefs and emotional patterns driving your financial choices.

Take the first step towards healing your financial trauma, and re-connecting to your self-worth so you can transform your relationship with money from one of avoidance and shame, to one of freedom and empowerment.

In the world we live in today, financial distress is a harsh reality for many people.  Internal and external barriers to financial wellness such as trauma, disenfranchisement, and systemic injustices can feel insurmountable.  And the result can be a painful and often shameful relationship with money.


In advance of our course we'll be offering FREE resources (such as webinars, articles, and more) to explore the correlation between trauma and our financial behaviours.  Sign up below to stay in the loop...

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